Ukraine Civil War Now Inevitable

Odessa woman strangledSo how responsible can an ex-KCB advocatus diaboli president be for events that he predicted?

For the strangling of a heavily-pregnant ethnic Russian cleaner trying to do her job in Odessa’s Trade Unions House (pictured above with the telephone cable round her neck, and the flowers she was watering smashed on the floor), and other women raped before being set on fire (below)? Odessa Raped burned woman “Right Sector” Kiev government supporter chased  more than forty “Federalist” ethnic Russians into the Trade Unions building, where they were able to kill them unobserved. They then appear to have set on the building fire – it seems to destroy the murder evidence. (Perhaps I should say “Russian supporters” – as all Ukrainians are variously mixed Russian anyway. The only tangible differences are surnames, although actual Russians have different accents.)

Odessa Trade Unions House

The photos above show men with molotov cocktails on the roof of Trade Unions House wearing the same emblems as men down below, apparently corroborating claims  that the Right Sector fascists planned the killings and the fire well in advance. (More photographs and article.)

This is just one of many other tragedies that are not being reported by western media.  The only explanation seems to be because they were perpetrated by  non-Russian Ukrainians – and so are not illustrative of the “Tyrant Russia” or “New Soviet Empire” storyline.

The reality is a human story – a tragedy in which virtually identical peoples are being turned against each other by fascist thugs.  And given the very obvious Russian need for Ukraine to remain stable, these thugs are not Russian.

So forget about limp-wristed calls for sanctions by the USA, and Kievs’ European apologists – as they will soon be known.  These are actual events and atrocities that cannot be talked out of the equation.  They are causal events; which have shocked all Russians, which Putin cannot ignore.

The Ukrainians who are now pro-Russian are calling themselves “Federalists”. One cannot see now how they will be able to do anything other than strive for a state independent  of Kiev and its revolutionary government.  Apart from any other reason, they now need a place where they will be safe.  Pressure is mounting on Putin to provide that safe haven.

There are plenty of parallels for this:  the UK’s invasion of the north Iraq in 1992 to protect the Iraqi Kurds from Saddam Hussein for example. “Operation Safe Haven” was followed by 12 years of USA, UK and Nato combat air patrols over Iraq.

Can USA rhetoric lessen or prevent further bloodshed in Ukraine?  No.

Have the USA’s promises of financial support of Kiev plus sanctions on Russia have actually helped?   No. Could they have encouraged right wing Kiev supporters to these latest atrocities?  Yes.

So the question now is when will Putin intervene militarily to prevent further massacres of Ukrainian citizens of Russian ethnic origin?

They are plenty of examples of the USA doing this – especially without UN mandate…  Putin wouldn’t get one, so one can’t blame him if he takes unilateral action. For what it’s worth – and that’s not much – this blood is not on Putin’s hands.

As advocatus diaboli he has done well; thrusting back into the global game after two decades of Russian decline, with such a resoundingly patriotic cause that he’s going to win hands-down.

I cannot believe that the blathering US Presidential ignorance and ineptitude we’ve seen throughout this crisis, indicates a corresponding ignorance among State department experts.  Anti-Russian prejudice yes; but it cannot have been as sadly misinformed as appears.

But this has revealed a staggering Presidential indifference to events outside of the the USA’s strict zones of national interest.  USA isolationism…

Obama’s overwhelming desire to avoid foreign conflict was not accompanied by any desire to prevent violence in Ukraine, or earlier in the Crimea.  He could have engaged with Putin’s legitimate desire to avoid civil war in Ukraine. That would not have entailed isolating, demonising and vilifying the Russian President.

But Obama could not do this lest a policy of appeasement give the next election to the Republicans on a plate.  Kerry probably sees himself as the next President…. the Leader of the Free World!  God Help America.

4 thoughts on “Ukraine Civil War Now Inevitable”

    1. Hugh McManners

      Actually no – but might having a Ukrainian partner who was in the Crimea recently allow me to suggest that murdering 40 people ought really to be reported by Western media?

      I have however spent time in Russia and am totally up-to-date with the intense Russian debate over this whole crisis. I am very much not a supporter of Putin – or Russian corruption. But the latter pales into insignificance compared to the corruption of Ukraine.

      These latest murders in Odessa are being taken very seriously in Russia, and may prove to have been the precipitant for Russian action to prevent more. This would be to play into Kiev’s hands, so you will note a total absence of comment from Putin.

      The equally total absence of comment from Obama however indicates his disinterest, although he will continue making knee-jerk anti-Russian comments lest his fellow Americans think him a wimp. But he won’t do anything. Everyone’s leaving that to Putin.

  1. Hi Hugh
    Probably don’t remember me from 29 but what you put was on the ball, I have been to the Ukraine on exercise and there all the same they want to be independent but can’t make there minds up same as Bosnia separate from a the ethnic tribes and hated governments they will soon have small countries who want independent rulers as Europe was 200 years ago and be fighting to find there indipendance next is Scotland braking away from the UK it will always happen with different Tribes.
    Hope all is well Mate see u in the Citadel some day regards

    1. Hugh McManners

      Hi Sammy – great to hear from again. We need more input from people like you who’ve seen and taken part in what’s actually involved in these situations. Hope to be down this summer. Take care.

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