No Comment from Putin – or Obama

Odessa Trade unions HouseI’ve spent time in Russia and am totally up-to-date with the intense Russian debate over this whole crisis. I am very much not a supporter of Putin – or Russian corruption. But the latter pales into insignificance compared to the corruption of Ukraine.

These latest murders in Odessa are being taken very seriously in Russia, and may prove to have been the precipitant for Russian action to prevent more. This would be to play into Kiev’s hands, so you will note a total absence of comment from Putin.

The equally total absence of comment from Obama however indicates his disinterest, although he will continue making knee-jerk anti-Russian comments lest his fellow Americans think him a wimp. But he won’t do anything.

Everyone’s leaving that to Putin. And then when he does take action, I expect they will threaten him with yet more sanctions.

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