Outdoor Survival

The Complete Wilderness Training Book

The Complete Wilderness Training Book cover

Intrepid or not, outdoorsy types will appreciate the safety tips and skills offered up in this book. Including pointers on how to tie knots, read a map and compass, give first aid, sterilize water, choose a campsite and make a fire, and illustrated with hundreds of full-color photographs, it’s a must-read for novice campers.

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Outdoor Adventure Handbook

Outdoor Adventure Handbook  cover

This lavishly illustrated, practical guide to outdoor adventures is packed with essential information to help readers re-learn basic skills people have forgotten over the centuries. Clear descriptions and step-by-step, full-color photographs show how to build a shelter, recognize edible and medicinal plants, obtain food, perform first aid, navigate effectively, and more. It has recently been revised and re-published both the in the UK and the USA.


The Commando Survival Manual

The Commando Survival Manual cover

The Commando Survival Manual resulted from Peter Kindersley’s desire for DK to have their own version of the ground-breaking “SAS Survival Manual”, with step-by-step photographs showing everything from preparing a cooking fire to building a log raft, all set against DK’s characteristic white background. All the techniques had to work, unlike in the other survival books which use mostly drawings. Peter Kindersley had earlier made the classic manual “Joy of Sex”; The Commando Survival Manual was just as comprehensive and aspirational, but probably more fun, and continues much revised as the Outdoor Training Book.


101 Essential Tips: Hiking

101 Essential Tips: Hiking  cover

This pocket-size paperback–part of the “101 Essential Tips” series–presents clear and concise information on a range of subjects relating to hiking. Includes over 250 full-color photos and illustrations.


Biking: An Outdoor Adventure Handbook

Biking: An Outdoor Adventure Handbook cover

Containing all the information that young bikers need for great adventures outdoors, this book is packed with project, activities, hints, and tips that encourage children to enjoy biking with confidence and safety. Step-by-step photography demonstrates such things as how to select a suitable bike, choose gears, and use a compass.



Water Sports cover

Provides an introduction to equipment, techniques, and skills needed in a variety of water sports, including snorkeling, diving, canoeing, kayaking, and sailing. Step-by-step photography combines with no-nonsense text and easy-to-follow demonstrations of basic techniques for safe water fun, covering everything from raft building, to clearing a snorkel and mask, to canoeing.


Backpacker’s Handbook

Backpacker's Handbook cover

An easy-to-use portable companion for anyone traveling through wilderness areas. As people of all ages rediscover the great outdoors, backpacking has become more popular than ever. although hiking can be a fun and enjoyable hobby, backpackers should prepare for the many precautions and dangers. The Backpacker’s Handbook explains how to get physically fit for a trip and what equipment is necessary.


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