Trump’s victory polarised everybody. But if Trump fails, even the delight of his most diehard critics will regress to a worse upset.

Trumpist delight is little reported in mainstream media. Instead we see rallies of the enraged claiming Trump discriminates against them.  But there’s little of the usual political apathy.

I hope that, dodgy hairstyles apart, we’re seeing a new wave in western politics. Professional politicians and political dogma is now a limiting factor.  We desperately need pragmatism that seeks to solve problems.

In the UK, Tory Party politics are stagnant and self-serving. The Labour Party has a leader who won’t lead and policies they can’t agree.  Then we the people voted to leave the EU.

Our liberals, and most media,  argue that populism is undemocratic. Their raft of heated accusation can be summarised as “We know best” – similar to the Trump opposition in the USA.

This has led to ‘ordinary’ people thinking things through for themselves – as ‘they’ do you know.  Ordinary folks have perspectives that are very different to those of the entitled views of professional politicians.  And to those who define themselves by their politics and their liberal badges: dreadlocks, beards, rainbows, and rights for everything and everybody from The Planet to laboratory rats.

But “ordinary” people do not feel entitled or wear badges.  Nor do they/we have a portfolio of opinions determined by their/our overall political stance.  We pick and mix.  We need politicians who will get things done.

The worst outcome for everybody would be if Trump fails dismally to achieve the changes he’s promised. The Democrats would get back in with a “resume business as usual” ticket – on the train back to stagnation. The same would be true if the UK fails to make a clean break from the EU.

If however Trump was to be voted out in four years time because of what he’s actually done, that would be a very different situation.  A precedent to do things – to achieve changes – would have been set.  We can argue about what these changes should be.  We must argue about that.

We really need this.

1 thought on “IF TRUMP FAILS…?”

  1. Hugh,

    Dan’l Steward here. First off, nice essay. Like the premise, like the narrative, like the challenge!

    On a separate note: our mutual friend in Alaska [“Ski”] could use a tel call. He regards you as a “bro” and contact from you would lift his spirits.

    Many thanks, my friend. Stay well.

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