Terrifying Development: I understand UKIP’s alternative attraction

Beering Nigel-FarageDrinking beer at lunch time is great – and fun, even though it wrecks me for the rest of the day. But drinking beer at lunch time wearing a suit and tie seems to me to be seriously crap.

This is a shame as I think Monsieur Farage’s crack about the EU having “caused” the Russian “invasion” of Crimea was remarkably percipient for a man who drinks beer while wearing suits and ties at lunchtime….

All the more so because none of the other mainstream politicians seem to have grasped this simple reality. Monsieur Farage seems somehow to be the only one able to think outside an unbelievably narrow slot of a box.

He really does seem to offer a sensible alternative.

I’m terrified at this realisation, as he’s very obviously not sensible. So is he the only chap in Whitehall not taking the bromide?

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