Tribute to President Hose Mujica of Uruguay


President Hose Mujica“Now I’m a prisoner of my own freedom to think and decide as I wish.
I cultivate that freedom and fight for it. I may make mistakes, some huge, but one of my few virtues is I say what I think.”


President Hose Mujica of Uruguay

He could live in a huge palace with gold-plated bath taps and lots of expensive bodyguards. But he doesn’t; and so retains both his objectivity and self-respect.

They winched him down to the bottom of a well for two years when he was captured as a guerilla fighter, so he doesn’t mind his own company, and is now grateful for his freedom.

He and Pope Francis could rule my World. The only problems is who you’d get to replace them.

Moral: we all need to attempt to find this level of humanity.

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