Outdoors Living and Survival

In order to enjoy the many wonderful things the Great Outdoors offers, we have to be aware of  potential dangers that due to living in houses and urban and suburban areas, we may not recognise.

Strictly speaking, all aspects of our lives involve survival, as being humans we’re not terribly well-endowed with natural protection – as opposed to animals like  turtles, rhinos, porcupines and so on.

This section of my site is split into two parts – Outdoors and Survival, to make it easier to get straight to what you’re most interested in.  Knowing how to live in different parts of the world have an obvious survival dimension, partcularly in the extremes like the arctic and desert, and even temperate areas when its wet and windy. But even though certain inner city areas might be considered to require particular survival techniques, we’re most of us more familiar with these types of environment, so I’m only going to mention the specific techniques that might be useful in such places.  (Any ‘Crocodile Dundee’ characters reading this should feel free  to transfer their wilderness survival skills  to urban use,  then add their conclusions to the ‘Remarks’ section please!)

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