25th Anniversary of the Largest (and shortest) Tank Battle in History

Regarding my Gulf War One Book, some people have questioned my saying this was the largest tank battle in history, and cite Kursk in which the Soviet Army defeated the Germans.
They are wrong – and their error is one of the reasons I wrote this book – as the First Gulf War was fought by the Allies so successfully, that it seems to have been forgotten.
But the use of untested vaccinations for chemical weapons, and low level radiation poisoning from inhalation of depleted uranium round dust etc has made a lot of people ill – so-called “Gulf War Syndrome”. This was a huge and very dangerous war, brilliantly planned and fought. People need to know about it – and now 25 years on, remember it. Especially as our politicians have made such a mess of their subsequent dealings with Middle East affairs.

There were more tanks on both sides than at Kursk (7,818, as opposed to the 6,528 which fought at Kursk). Far more significant was the intensity of the Gulf War, in which the tank battle lasted only one hundred hours, as opposed to the Soviet’s six week slog for victory at Kursk.”

But the numbers of tanks aren’t what a soldier or commander would talk about, as armoured infantry are vital for actually taking enemy positions. Also, the numbers of armoured artillery are vital to prepare those position to be attacked while surviving enemy fire.

Plus my colleagues on board the ships and on land bringing down naval gunfire. But far more important than any of those numbers, is how all this equipment is used, and the quality of the people using it. In Gulf War One, the speed, accuracy and communications of the field artillery were of particular significance, and far more powerful than anything that had ever been seen before on a battlefield. The British general alone had more artillery firepower than at the battle of El Alamein in the Second World War.

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  1. Hi Hugh– I’m working on a piece for NationalGeographic.com about Desert Storm, and I’m intrigued by your numbers that show it involved the largest tank battle in history. Those tank totals are incredible–can you point me in the direction of some source material? Thanks!

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