China disputes Japanese news report of nuclear ‘first-strike’

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has responded to a Kyodo News’ report of Chinese Peoples Liberation Army (CPLA) documents saying China will use nuclear weapons if cities or power generating facilities are attacked using non-nuclear weapons.

The Chinese Foriegn Ministry spokesman called the news report “groundless with ulterior motives”, adding that China made a solemn pledge against any first-strike options under any circumstances, and will continue to live up to this promise.

So, as I suggested in yesterday’s blog,  it looks as though the point regarding how the actual use of advanced conventional weapons – the USA’s proposed “Prompt Global Strike” (PGS) weapon system is regarded by the CPLA has been made, after which an official foreign ministry denial rounds the whole thing off nicely.

The CPLA are hugely powerful and a law unto themselves,  the National Defense Ministry holding no power over them.  Instead they report to two military commissions – one run by the communist party – the Central Military Commission of the CCP, the other run by the government but with no clear role.

The Chinese Foriegn Minister is one of the most powerful cabinet appointments, and also a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China  CCP.  But the Minister holds  no special sway over the CPLA, from which on the CCP he is separated by the powerful Central Military Commission of the CCP.

The neighbours might be friendly, but you can never be sure of their large dog…. I’m sure the Obama Administration will have taken note.

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