Can Obama really be so ignorant?

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“Cool it John…”
“No, No. Lemme at em. Hold me back! I’ll kill em…”



Obama’s silly talk of intervention in Crimea, and Kerry’s blatherings in Kiev are so ignorant that one wonders if there’s some hidden and terribly clever agenda that will emerge later. Sadly I think not.

All this  serves only to underline our powerlessness.  Furthermore, there’s no way the West will give the Ukraine government enough money to avoid them defaulting on their debts. That muppet Kerry wasn’t offering nearly enough.

The Russians were at least supporting Ukraine with sufficient money to keep them going. As for now… well, who knows?

But the reality is that all parties involved are corrupt – except for the people who voted yesterday. Unless of course you think the vote was rigged – but why should that be?

And what do we think of the views of the majority in the Crimea – or at least of those who voted, who appear to constitute a majority –  to become a separate entity to Ukraine? Should they be ignored?

The Argentine representative to the UN Security Council, Maria Cristina Perceval voted in favour of the US  resolution condemning the March 16 referendum. She “had voted in favour of the resolution because it asserted the principle of territorial integrity and would have contributed to constructive dialogue towards a peaceful solution involving all political actors. While urging refraining from actions that would hamper such a solution,  it was indeed for Ukrainians to decide their own affairs. It was not for the Council to define the situation, but rather, to maintain international peace and security. Argentina hoped all countries would respect the principle of non-interference in State affairs.”

Of course Argentina’s definition of territorial integrity with regard to the Falklands is well known.   The mild, non-contentious wording of the USA’s UN resolution allowed Argentina and many other countries to support the motion.  But as in Syria, and notably in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Americans seek to go much further than  UN wordings…

When it comes down to the wording – as these things always do, then I’m at a loss to see what so far Putin has done to interfere with Ukraine democracy – such as it is.  In view of the corruption of both the Ukraine’s previous president and the new regime, it could be argued that the Russians are providing security at a time of potential danger. If the UN was to take on this role, a posse of Nigerian, Swedish and  Canadian troops would fly into Simferopol as the swallows fly south for the winter.  The Americans won’t deploy – except perhaps for killer drones flown from the Nevada desert.  So who else is there who can help keep things calm in the Crimea?

And how is whipping up emotions in the rest of the Ukraine – as Kerry has been doing – going to help? There are unpleasant factions across the country, looking for excuses to even out old scores.

It’s said that Putin has  territorial aspirations for other other former Soviet states with Russian populations. But this  just isn’t credible. He may be sinister, corrupt and overly keen on posing bare torso’d with guns and wild animals, but he is realistic.

The Russians couldn’t  find a solution to the Chechnya problem, which cost them much blood and treasure.  So how on earth could they cope with ‘integrating’ any of the other places that feel “threatened” by this little crisis?  And does anybody really believe that the Russians would invade any of these places?

As for Poland and all its protestation…! (The Poles hate Russians. They have a word for ‘rifle” that translates as “weapon to kill Russians”. One cannot blame them for this, but we all move on in life.)

To me  this whole saga exposes a line in western hypocrisy that I think rightly annoys the Russians. But worse, it’s coming over now as being barking mad as well as ill-informed.  The EU suffers the influx of Eastern European workers and Britain NHS tourists; while Nato flies F16’s around Polish airspace burning up to 7000 gallons an hour each – for what exactly?


2 thoughts on “Can Obama really be so ignorant?”

  1. Evening Hugh, I like a simple explanation for America’s game playing: they need to play a new game of cowboys and indians! After the great work of Thatcher, Reagan and Gorbechov in bringing the Wall down and ending the absurdness of Us and Them; the American’s had to find a new enemy for big business to keep the bucks coming in, to keep the masses quaking and to play cowboys and Indians. They found this in the Middle East with their (significantly) preposterous chasing down of 9/11 mass murdering leader Osama Bin Laden (died 2007) and WMD in Iraq. Only this didn’t play out too well, too many lives were being lost and there was not enough money left for ObamaCare. So a new game of cowboys and indians needed to be found, and where better to find it then with old adversary and indian role player, Russia. What’s even better, you can still appease big business with big expenditure, but you don’t waste lives and you know you will never have to fire a shot in anger. So, side with the Sunnis and hate Shia Iran, who are supported by Russian (or at least moderated). Hate Syria, who happen to have a Shia regime, supported by Iran with yet again moderating Russian support (Oh, and the adversaries are Sunni supporting Sunni al-Qaida terrorists, but never let an enemy get in the way of finding an old/new enemy). Move up a little and you end up in Ukraine; with a West that once supported the democratically elected (48.6 percent of the vote in the Ukraine four years ago), but who turned a corrupt and despotic leader when he started looking east to Russia for financial support! All of this, IM(humble) makes for a new round of great and peaceful cowboys and Indians…. Free Guantanamo and Kosovo from American and eu sponsored governance!!!!

  2. Hugh McManners

    Hi Larry! Great to hear from you. The Americans have always responded to criticism by saying “Hey, you can’t say that. We’re the good guys!”

    We desperately need a PM who will stand up to them – as did Thatcher, and so earned the respect under which the “special relationship-” flourished for a while. Our role in this is to mitigate American over-reactions and give them a taste of the subtleties of the real world. But they’re so easily tipped over into arrogance, which seems to me to be a product of xenophobia, which has always been their handicap.

    Crimea looks like it will end being a triumph for Putin. And good luck to him is my opinion. He’s playing this well.

    The corruption accusations are ironic. Putin and both the ousted Kiev government (called a “kleptocrasy” by US diplomats according to Wiki leaks) and the incoming revolutionaries are corrupt (in a country that is one of the three most corrupt in the world. It seems to me that the USA and EU have a different sort of corruption; the Americans’ stemming from the huge amounts of money and power required to get elected President; and EU from its expensive and hypocritical desire to expand at all costs for reasons best understood my its mandarins.

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