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I’m developing a compendium of material across the three areas in which I write and have an interest.  My blogs tend to be stimulated by currect events, whereas here  I’m trying to organise my  material in a more logical way – do please let me know if you think of ways in which I might do this better.

I hope that it’s easy to dip into, and that you find things here that are useful and interesting, and let me know if there are things you’d like me to cover and I’ll do my best to include them.

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5 thoughts on “Essential Guides”

  1. Nerida Newbigin

    Please contact me about John McManners’ article ‘Paul Hazard and the “Crisis of European Conscience”‘, in Arts: Journal of the Sydney University Arts Association, 2.2 (1962): 73-86. I am digitising Arts, to place it on an Open Journal System platform. Thank you.

  2. Doing a book review on The Scars of War by Hugh Mcmanners with a view of drwaings lessons from the book. Would u assist in that regard

  3. I’m trying to contact members who fought/served in the Falklands that may be willing to talk to me with regards my dissertation. I am titling my work:


    I’ve read your ‘Forgotten Voices’ book and thoroughly ‘enjoyed’ it (wrong terminology I know, but it was an insightful read) I’ve yet to read ‘Scars of War’ but will do soon.

    I wish to approach the work from an oral history point of view and have thus far managed to arrange interviews in January from those participant in Mount Longdon, Darwin/Goose Green and Wireless Ridge. In addition to the battles, and the contribution made on the battlefield I will also be looking at the journey south, feelings of those embarking on the journey and the journey back home. As my research has developed and I’ve spoken to some veterans, it has become clear that a chapter devoted to the after effects of the War will be necessary and so I will be including a chapter on PTSD also.

    I understand you’re not from the Parachute Regiment, and so my title isn’t necessarily in relation to you, yet your published work makes you somebody that would be very desirable for me to talk with if you would be willing.

    Thanks for your time reading this,

    Best Wishes


  4. falklands commando is as good a read as iv ever encountered thankyou for your insight to a world that is totally alien to me oh and thankyou for the bravery protrayed by yourself and the rest of the team

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