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Submarine Sex Entertains Daily Mail Readers

The Daily Mail has published a leaked story about the Royal Navy’s nuclear missile submarine HMS Valiant.  The Mail talks of it as a “party boat”, with cocaine use and illicit sex. One can imagine the gleeful enthusiasm with which the Daily Mail developed this story: nuclear warheads, rampant sex, drugs, irate wives, the Senior …

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Falkland Islanders believe UK defence cuts leave them safe from Argentine territorial ambitions…

A Falkland Island editorial strongly disagrees with the Royal Navy’s insistence that scrapping Harrier, while also failing to provide aircraft for the new aircraft carrier (and other cuts), leaves the Islands vulnerable to Argentine territorial ambitions. But is this view short-sighted?

The Falkland editorial also accuses the UK media of overplaying what it and the Falkland Government say is a ‘non-existent Argentine military threat’ to the Islands, while “shamefully’ ignoring Argentina’s determined economic, political and diplomatic harassment. The editorial lists current and considerable Argentine harassment of the Islands (details in the link), which seem to me to indicate that Argentina is MORE likely in future to consider military action to achieve its strong desire to own the Falklands.

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UK Carriers’ Shipbuilder Denounces Project as “Loony Tunes Disaster”

The deputy chairman of Babcock, builders of the RN’s two aircraft carriers, says Britain is paying twice as much as it should for the F35 aircraft, to get half the capability. He says this is because of BAE Systems being the prime contractor on the carrier project whilst also being Lockheed’s partner in making the F35 aircraft. Lord Hesketh says this is a disaster that will make Britain a laughing stock.

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