Outdoor Living

There are so many wonderful things one can do if only one can get away from the “Grid” – the all-enveloping network of civilization and comfort that actually makes us feel insecure enough not to dare to escape its clutches.

With the basic knowledge of how to look after yourself in the outdoors, a whole new world of interest, enjoyment, exercise and appreciation opens up, in which we realise how precious and fragile our natural world has become, in the face of progress.

There’s also a whole world of companies cashing in on this – with such unlikely items as tents, boots and waterproof jackets being turned into the latest fashion, must-have items – some even with designer-type names (and prices) attached!

Kids hugely enjoy this; and getting out into the Great Outdoors is simply the best family activity of all – in which everyone can contribute equally, where Dad can take a break from the barbecue, Mum from the organising – in fact everyone from the stereotypical tasks of modern life…

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