Lloyds of London Remembers – the global insurance market stops for two minutes.

This video, taken covertly on a G3 iPhone in  Lloyds of London’s Dealing Room, shows the entire building shutting down to remember Britain’s war dead.  After wreaths are laid by the Lord Mayor of London and head of Lloyds the rarely heard Lutine Bell is rung, usually to signal a disaster or calamitous loss and stop further trading; but on this occasion  to begin the Two Minutes Silence.

As the final notes of The Last Post fade away, the escalators start up once more, and this 21st century building kickstarts back into life,  projecting insurance cover across the globe.

The reason for this timeless ceremony, is for Lloyds of London to express its corporate thanks to the men and women of Britain’s Armed Forces for risking and giving their lives, health and minds for the security of the United Kingdom and its vital interests.   Without this security Lloyds of London could not do business.   Stopping the world’s insurance market at 1100am every 11th of November is a small price to pay for the incalculable benefit of their sacrifice.

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