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15 thoughts on “Commenting and participating in discussions”

  1. Jonathan Wilton

    G’day Hugh

    Delighted to see your son is in the Light Dragoons. In 2002 I spent some time in France with the then 2 i/c SBS and he was kind enough to say that he had always found LD a thoroughly professional outfit; which given its antecedents would surprise neither of us-

    1. G’day Jonathan,

      Really great to hear from you. He’s just got to survive an RMAS final exercise then get himself up the steps. I’d had the good fortune to be the 13/18th BC for a very jolly year (in Denmark and various UK exercises) with the redoubtable Mallinson. So when it came to regiments, I was well placed to advise, concurring with your SB 2ic. Where are you now?

  2. Just came across your d day museum talk on the internet. Looking forward to hearing you on Sunday as I live local .
    I served out there at the end of the ground war and a GWS sufferer.


      1. Hey Mark – many thanks for such a great comment. This is exactly what I was trying do. Really great to get this from someone who was there and knows.

        And equally great to meet you on Sunday in Portsmouth. Very best – Hugh

  3. I work for a television company that prdouces high quality drama and we are at the very early stages of thinking about developing a drama about the Falklands War. I’m trying to find out if the rights to your book Forgotten Voices of the Falklands are available. Many thanks for your time.

  4. Julian Greenwood

    Dear Hugh,

    You do not know me, although you wrote very kind things about my half brother, John Hamilton, in your book Falklands Commando. Next year will be the 30th Anniversary of his death and we are seeking to mark this in some way. I too had the good fortune to work with the Light Dragoons in Basra in 2003 and still have friends with them. They are a thoroughly good bunch and I am sure your son will be made to feel very welcome in the “Northern Cavalry”. I did not follow my brother down the SF path but had a marvellous time in the Light Infantry and now work on Force Protection design for a private UK firm working to protect our personnel in theatre. I wish you well with your ongoing projects.

    Kind regards,

    Julian Greenwood

  5. Hiya Boss, I had the priv to serv with you in26 Regt R.A. o.p,ack n dvr.. your influence, attitude and teachings live with me still,i wish you all the best and thank you for good times never forgoten.. Rob P.

    1. Hiya Rob,
      Great of you to get in touch. I hope all goes well with you. You make me sound like some kind of guru wearing sandals and a beard! On the other hand, maybe 17 Battery actually was the alternative society of 26 Regiment? I’d be happy with that idea – and I certainly wouldn’t have enjoyed being in the others anything like as much.
      You’ve made my afternoon. Hugh

  6. Hi Hugh. I’m writing a piece for the BBC website on the role special forces played in the Falklands. It would be great to interview you on this. Can you get in touch by email? Kind regards. Peter Jackson

  7. Tim donati-ford

    Hugh, good morning Sir. Did you by any chance co-produce the P-Company documentary for Channel 4 way back in the early 90’s..? Best wishes.

  8. Just read Forgotten Voices, which is an excellent read, and would like your view on the leadership of Admiral Woodward, your book displays a number of examples that question the decisions of the Admiral. What do you believe are the reasons behind this image that has been created and is it possible to justify them.

  9. Chris Morrison Navigator of HMS ANTRIM has put together a vivid exhibition in Emsworth which will soon open. He requests that I commented upon the number of 4.5 inch rounds fired as requested by RALONGS in the Gritvicken operation to recover South Georgia and also on Fanning Head which you Hugh were involved with. Any recollection please?

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